Home upholstery in Singapore – get your space in shape

Home upholstery can make a room sing…or croak. Beloved items of furniture may be full of memories, but wear can leave their fabric seriously shabby. Instead of dumping a trusty, sound sofa, extend its lifespan and expand its appeal with Toraar’s expert home upholstery service.

Our craftspeople have years of experience in assessing, designing, recovering and renewing furniture. And since your tastes and decor may have changed since you bought a piece, fresh fabric will bring it speeding up to date.

Nobody wants to go furniture shopping, especially when they’re busy. And why test out chairs when you have one that works? Save money and invest in quality: say no to mass-produced furniture and yes to beautifully restored upholstery.

Each home upholstery job is guaranteed by us for quality, convenience and timeliness. We pride ourselves on being Singapore’s finest furniture finishers. Refresh your upholstery at home and shrink landfill while you’re at it.

Throw away that throw – show the world your furniture makeover!

Home furniture expertise

sofa upholstery

Sofa upholstery

Turn your tired couch into a stunning centrepiece, with gorgeous fabrics in a choice of colours.

cushion upholstery

Cushion upholstery

Make your cushions pop to accent a room, and bring the house party!

dining chair upholstery

Dining chair upholstery

Dine like royalty on freshly upholstered chairs. No one will ask to be excused, guaranteed.

Home upholstery services

A well-loved couch or dining set will fade as it ages. It may even tear. It may get stained or the stuffing could lose its bounce. Don’t worry. Toraar can help.

  • We recover fabric and leather upholstery, renewing the look and feel of your furniture.
  • We provide repairs and cleaning services, so whatever your pet has done, we can undo it.
  • We provide decorative woodwork, for intricate, stunning statement pieces.
  • We restore antique furniture, with care, passion and expertise.
  • We design and build bespoke furniture, because sometimes you just want a complete change.

Why go for Toraar’s upholstery at home?

  • Budget
    Whatever your budget, we can help you customise and transform your furniture.
  • Advice at all stagesOur furniture experts can advise on everything from designing to timing. So shop with knowledge and confidence with Toraar.
  • Safety and environmentToraar uses the best materials, including the highest quality foams. A wide range of our fabrics and leather are fire-retardant.