Vinyl Upholstery – get playful with home design

Vinyl upholstery is a great affordable alternative to leather. A favourite with vegan designers, it’s funky, strong and practical. The stain-resistant, waterproof nature of this classic upholstery fabric means it’s excellent for use in restaurants and bars, as well as having retro charm in the home.

Toraar selects its vinyl for its vibrant colours, durability and flame-retardant properties. We provide an array of patterns, textures, weights and finishes, so you have plenty of options. This versatile fabric shows colour beautifully, highlighting setpieces in your decor.

In addition to residential vinyl upholstery, Toraar offers a service for businesses. As offices as high-traffic areas, shared spaces can grow worn and look shabby. Vinyl upholstery is an excellent solution, and less expensive than purchasing new furniture. For in-depth information about vinyl , visit the Vinyl Institute.

vinyl upholstery
vinyl upholstery fabric

Toraar vinyl upholstery – serving home and business

Toraar offers vinyl upholstery for a range of home and business applications:

  • Commercial-grade expanded vinyl is excellent for commercial use. Thick and foam-like, this durable material is good for reupholstering furniture in heavy-traffic settings. Vinyl’s resistance to bacteria makes it ideal for restaurants, resorts and sports centres.
  • For garden furniture upholstery, we recommend marine-grade vinyl. This is strong in all weathers and resistant to mildew, so you can leave it outside with confidence. Marine-grade, as the name suggests, is also great for upholstering boat cushions and furniture.
  • Non-expanded vinyl is best for light upholstery. Flexible and funky, it’s good for home use and areas of low traffic. Families with children and pets might enjoy this vinyl’s resilience. It’s hard to stain, scratch or soak, meaning furniture looks newer for longer.


Is vinyl upholstery for you?

  • Vinyl is more affordable than leather, and just as versatile. Toraar offers a range of vinyl fabrics in stunning colours, patterns and effects. Due to its nature, vinyl also stays looking new for longer than many fabrics.
  • Vinyl is fairly resilient, but if it is torn, repairs can be difficult. Toraar recommends avoiding this problem by selecting higher quality vinyl at the design stage. Our experts can help you choose the best grade of vinyl for your project.
  • Vinyl is a great material for cleanliness. Crumbs can be brushed off, marks wiped away and liquid spills are no problem. It is also resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew, so it can be used outdoors or in hygienic spaces.

Vinyl upholstery – why choose Toraar?

  • Toraar prides itself on providing great customer service. Our experts offer in-depth guidance to help you get the perfect vinyl upholstery.
  • We stock a huge range of vinyl fabrics, with gorgeous colours and patterns, and varied weights.
  • Our vinyl fabrics are all durable, scratch-resistant, colourfast, mildew-resistant, fire-retardant and suitable for outdoor use.