Upholstery Fabric by Toraar – pattern, texture and colour your home

Upholstery fabric ranges from cotton to velvet, and it can range in quality. But with Toraar, you know you’re choosing Singapore’s finest upholstery fabric. Beautiful and sustainable, with top brands and a choice of weights, our materials make your furniture shine.

Toraar offers a huge range of fabrics to choose from, so you can really tailor your furniture. Our fabric comes in hundreds of colours and textures, and we can advise you on everything from durability to trim.

From home to business, our fabrics are on point. Whether you need upholstery for a cafe or a match for an antique piece, we’ll help you find the right finishing touch. Contact us for a consultation.

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Upholstery fabrics

Toraar offers a variety of fabrics, all of which are sustainable, durable and affordable:

  • Cotton – For a natural, breathable feel, cotton is a classic. Cost-effective and versatile.
    • Linen – For an exotic feel, try linen for your furniture. Cool, simple and elegant.
      • Silk – Nothing says luxury like silk. Good for antique and classic pieces.
        • Wool – Durable, versatile and totally timeless, wool works well in any space.
        • Microfiber (ie synthetic) – This stain-resistant favourite will keep any armchair looking handsome.


        Outdoor fabrics

        Toraar offers an excellent choice of outdoor fabrics, designed for a long life. If you’re planning to upholster garden furniture or any other patio project, our beautiful, durable fabric range is a glorious addition to your home.

        Whatever the weather, Toraar’s outdoor fabrics are prepared. Machine-washable, in commercial-grade textiles, each fabric is treated to be mould, mildew and bacteria-resistant. So even if it rains on your picnic, your furniture will be fine.

        In addition, our outdoor fabrics are UV-resistant, and colourfast in sunlight. So they’ll stay vibrant and true for much longer. Eye-catching, sturdy and easy to care for, our fabrics are ready for any weather extreme.


        Upholstery fabric – what should you consider?

        When buying upholstery fabric, what is foremost on your mind? For most people, the colour, and how it fits into their home decor, is the most important factor in making a decision. But there are many other things to consider when shopping for material:

        • Fabric durability
          Your project will determine how important durability is for you. If you’re reupholstering 200 conference centre chairs, you may need more resilient fabric, while a new covering for a decorative pouffe may focus more on looks. Consider usage, pets and cost when making your decision. If your sofa fabric needs more endurance, we recommend higher thread counts and tight weaves, as well as swapping printed patterns for woven ones.
        • Fabric style
          Take the whole room into account when deciding on style. You need to know how this item of furniture will fit with the rest of the decor. It may be an idea to match contemporary with contemporary, or classic with classic. Once you know the rules, you can also break them, and place vintage patterns next to cutting-edge designs.
        • Fabric colour
          Try and base your upholstery colour choices on what works for the room, and what you genuinely like. A bold lime green couch might be fashionable right now, but in a small room, it can dominate the landscape. Keep pale colours away from children and pets, and test out swatch ideas in day and evening light.
        • Other factors
          The makeup of the fabric is an often overlooked factor in deciding on upholstery materials. Consider whether certain materials need to be hypoallergenic, mildew-resistant or stain-resistant. Delicate fabrics and pets don’t mix, while a piece in strong sunlight may need fade-resistant treatment.

        Upholstery fabric – why shop with Toraar?

        Toraar prides itself on its upholstery fabrics, and there are many reasons you can buy from us with confidence:

        • Wide array of textures and colours – Whatever your sample, we can find you a match.
        • Soft yet durable – Our fabrics are exceptional quality, for comfort and longevity.
        • Stain-resistant options available – We have a range of stain-resistant fabrics for active households and businesses.
        • Odours don’t cling – Ideal for busy, multi-use spaces.
        • Long-lasting – Because we demand high-quality fabrics, the resulting upholstery will last and last.
        • Protection against mildew – Our fabrics look newer for longer, thanks to anti-mildew treatment.
        • Fire-resistant – Every swatch of our material has passed the required fire safety tests.