Leather upholstery – a classic look for your home from Toraar

Leather has unmistakeable character, and a rich history in design. We source our leather from all over the world, to bring you gorgeous shades, variations and colours that show off the quality of the material.

Speak to our upholstery specialists for expert advice on leather. They’ll bear in mind your plan and budget to help you reach a decision. From commercial upholstery to home improvements, we’ll find the leather for you.

We stock a wide selection of leather, including top-grain and full top-grain, a grade relating to thickness, suppleness and strength. Our leathers have sumptuous colour variations and an elegance that only improves with time

Choosing your leather

distressed leather

Distressed leather

Weathered but not damaged, for a touch of rustic character that deepens over time.

decorative leather

Decorative leather

Patterned for added visual texture, this technique gives the leather an interesting, otherworldy look.

embossed leather

Embossed leather

An intricate sunken pattern stamped into the leather using heated tools.

exotic leather

Exotic leather

Specialist animal-skin embossing effect, giving the impression of rare leather without harm to endangered species.

hair on hide leather

Hair on hide leather

Leather where the animal’s hair has been retained. Each hide pattern is unique, for a one-of-a-kind hide.

high traffic leather

High-traffic leather

Resilient and comfortable, this leather is excellent for shared spaces.

metallic leather

Metallic leather

High-sheen leather in metallic tones, designed to catch the light.


Soft, textured leather made from the underside of the skin.

Leather upholstery for your business

Commercial leather upholstery gives a great first impression, but deciding on details can be a major undertaking. Toraar provide consultations with our experts, and are happy to work with your company’s designers for an on-brand look that will last.

  • Hospitality
    Impress clients and guests with a fine leather sofa. Our premium ranges look and feel incredible, giving a great welcome to your space. Classic and sophisticated, leather furniture is always a mark of taste.
  • Entertainment
    For social events, our brighter leathers give a striking look to any couch We hand-select unusual tones to create unique, unforgettable pieces. Stand out with silver or charm with cherry-red – it’s your call.
  • Corporate offices
    Whatever your brand, upholster in leather. Not only will it last for years, the look of your furniture will improve with age. An investment in the future, leather looks and feels amazing for longer.


Leather upholstery – why buy from Toraar?

  • We choose only exquisite materials.
  • We source leather with character.
  • Variety is important to us.
  • Relax and enjoy your furniture.
  • Leather looks better with every year.
  • Spills can simply be wiped away.
  • Safety is our priority.