Upholstery Materials – customise your furniture with Toraar

Here at Toraar, our upholstery materials are always excellent quality. We offer a diverse range of options, including flame-retardant, eco-friendly, heavy-duty and outdoor materials. Whether you’re repairing workplace chairs or upholstering an antique banquette, you’ll find what you need here.

Your designs are important to us, so we source a variety of contemporary and classical fabric options, using gorgeous yarns and tactile fibres. We believe excellent materials make for furniture that lasts.

Toraar’s partners are upholstery experts, and can advise on the best materials for your project. They can assist with design queries and aesthetic suggestions. Toraar also scans the horizon for the latest trends in interior design, so if it’s big right now, it’s here.


From durable canvas to sumptuous silk, we source for quality and sustainability, bringing you stunning colours, patterns and textures.


Microfiber (synthetic)

Microfiber upholstery is popular for its resilience to stains, and Toraar offers several options for fans.


Comfortable, durable and utterly classic, leather gives a timeless look to any room. Check out our colours and kinds.


Chic, retro and wipe-clean, vinyl can be a vegan’s best friend. Add some funk to your front room.



Toraar’s artisans have access to high-quality wood from sustainably-sourced forests, and rich stains to match samples perfectly.

Fabric vs Leather – which is best for you?

Fabric and leather are both popular upholstery materials, and there are pros and cons to using each:


  • Larger range of patterns and textures
  •  Comfortable in all weathers
  • Less expensive to buy
  • Stains and tears more easily
  •  Wears and fades over time


  •  Resists staining and surface damage
  •  Longer life span
  • Improving with age
  •  More expensive to buy
  • Less variety in look and feel