Toraar sofas upholstery – for a lovelier lounge

You bought your sofa to last, and it has. But while your memories are vibrant, its upholstery may not be. No need to replace – save money and stress, and upholster with Toraar to preserve your favourite couch.

We know that you need a lot from your sofa. Not only must it fit with your room design, it must be comfortable, durable and personal. Adjust skirts, arms, dimensions and styles until you’re happy.

Browse and choose from a huge range of frames, cushions, colours and materials, and consult our experts at any time. Whether your sofa is crescent-shaped or as long as a London bus, we can help you make it beautiful.

sofa upholstery
sofas upholstery

Any sofa, anytime – Toraar can take on any project

Toraar’s wide range of expert partners means we can reupholster any sofa. Whether you have a classic Chesterfield or a hip modern Avalon, get in touch to see how our upholsterers can help. The most common couches we cover are:

  • Adelaide sofa
    The Adelaide sofa’s structured side cushions and tapered wooden legs give an elegant outline.
  • Avalon sofa
    The Avalon sofa is streamlined to fit neatly into smaller homes and apartments. Funky, fun and practical
  • Chesterfield sofa
    The Chesterfield sofa is timeless and a real statement piece. With deep tufting, handsome flared arms and comfort to spare, it’s a classic.
  • Harrison sofa
    A blast from the past, the Harrison sofa is both comfy and chic. Its rolled arms and clean lines make it striking yet beautifully versatile.
  • Nob Hill sofa
    Entertain in classic gentlemen’s club style with the Nob Hill sofa. A hearty Chesterfield with tufting to spare, it’s a touch of class in any front room.
  • One arm sofa with chaise
    The one arm sofa with chaise is a very social sofa. Minimalist and asymmetric, it’s a bold, fresh look that makes the most of your space.
  • Sectional sofa
    The sectional sofa lets you play with and change the look of your living room. The seats come apart to be easily rearranged, so you can get things just right or switch up your home’s look.

Perfect your sofa with Toraar

  1. Decision time – Choose your treatment and materials from Toraar’s colourful range. Consult our team for assistance.
  2. Break it down – Our experts assess the sofa’s condition, before carefully deconstructing it.
  3. Clean up – The couch is cleaned, repaired where needed, and refinished.
  4. Going soft – We cut and fit the padding for comfort and bounce.
  5. Looking good – Our artisans hand-fit your top fabric, and your sofa comes home, renewed.

Get comfortable – choosing the right sofa for your home

Sofa upholstery can raise questions of comfort. How soft is too soft? What difference does height make? Toraar’s partners give expert advice, to help you feel fully supported.

  • Seat softness – choose firmer seat upholstery for structure and evenness, or a softer seat to let you sink in and relax.
  • Seat height – If you like to flop, a low seat lets you stretch your legs. A high seat can help those with standing back up after sitting.
  • Seat depth – shallow seats are great for short legs and provide firm back support, while deep seats suit taller people, and allow sitters to lean back and loaf.

Why choose a Toraar upholstered sofa?

  • Our frames are strong and sit firmly on the floor.
  • We ensure all metal components are smooth, with no sharp edges.
  • Our sofas have well-made backs, free of bumps.
  • Toraar seats are cosy and comfy, whatever the angle.
  • Our sofa arms are supportive and padded.
  • Take a look at our seams – beautifully matched fabric patterns.
  • Our tailoring is expertly done, with straight welts and seams for a flawless finish.