Headboard Upholstery – make your bed better

The headboard is the focal point of your bedroom. Toraar belives the right headboard upholstery can update the whole bed and bring the room to life. It can provide a bright splash of colour, interesting detailing or memorable texture, depending on the fabric and design.


As well as being a design element, a headboard must be comfortable and supportive, allowing you to sit up comfortably in bed. It can also be a storage point, with shelving built into the headboard design. Whatever its function, it must fit well and be beautifully made.


Because it is so frequently used, a headboard’s upholstery can rapidly wear out. Toraar’s experts can advise you on reupholstery, or on custom designs for a standout look. Comfort and craftsmanship go hand in hand with creativity for a stunning accent to your bed.

headboard upholstery
upholstery fabric headboard
headboard upholstery fabric

Headboard upholstery – a Toraar guide

  • Freestanding headboard
    This is separate to the bed frame itself, and easy to move if needed.
  • Fixed headboard
    This is installed onto the wall itself, independent of the bed.
  • Wood-framed upholstered headboard
    The fabric upholstery section is framed by a wooden edge for decorative effect.
  • Straight upholstered headboard
    A simple rectangular headboard, for a clean, subtle look that doesn’t dominate the room.
  • Wingback headboard
    This is shaped with decorative side wings, and has a dramatic, vintage look.
  • Tufted
    Materials are fixed into the headboard at intervals to make decorative indentations.


Customising your headboard

If you would like a headboard that’s tailored to you, or that mimics a design you admire, we can help. Contact Toraar’s experts to discuss your idea, and our skilled craftsmen can help design your ideal headboard. Whether it’s an unusual size or a unique shape, we’ll take it from dreams to reality.


Which headboard is right for you?

  • Padding
    The padding your headboard will need depends on your useage and preferences. If you tend to lean on it, reading in bed, a firmly padded headboard will support your head. If you prefer a slender, chic look, choose a lightly padded style instead.
  • Size
    When designing your headboard, make sure it’s in proportion to the size of your bed. This ensures both comfort and a good overall look. Wall-mounted headboards may be bigger than your bed, but floor-standing boards must match the bed width exactly.
  • Headboard type
    Fabric headboards come in three varieties. Headboards with struts allow you to fit the board directly to the base of the bed. Floor-standing boards also attach to the bed, and continue to floor level. Wall-mounted headboards are entirely separate from the bed, positioned at your desired level.
  • Colours
    A headboard is a standout accessory, and should work with your bed base and general bedroom decor. Do you want a subtle, less obtrusive headboard or a statement piece to command a larger room?
  • Fabric
    Headboards come in a range of fabric, and Toraar has a huge selection to choose from. For some people, it’s about the look and working with the rest of the room. For others, it’s all about comfort and cosiness. Whether you go for chenille, jacquard, linen or even leather, we can help you find your fabric.

Upholstering your headboard – why choose Toraar?

  • Whether you want a modern headboard upholstered in leather or a warm, traditional cotton board, we’re here to make your design ideas real. Wall-mounted, struts or floor-standing, we can advise and deliver the right board for your bed.
  • Our craftspeople have expertise in upholstering every kind of headboard. They can design and create for standard single, double, queen and king-sizes, as well as niche sizes like the small single, small double and large king.
  • Toraar provides a huge selection of quality upholstery fabrics in thousands of vibrant colours. There are accessory options, including buttons and panelling, so you can truly customise your design. It’s your bed and we want to make it perfect.