Toraar chair upholstery – let Toraar’s upholsterers give your chair flair

Chair upholstery can define, update or refresh a room, and reupholstery saves the cost of buying replacements. Toraar’s upholstery services for chairs cover every aspect, from cleaning to resizing to antique restoration. There are many things to consider, such as the piece’s age, sentimental value, condition and whether it fits the room in which it will sit. Ask our experts for advice.


Chair upholstery isn’t all about making a piece look good, although Toraar believes this is pretty important. It’s also about creating or rejuvenating furniture to work well and feel great. After you’ve chosen from our huge range of fabrics, we strip away the piece’s old foams and packing, check the structure of the frame and repair if necessary, before expertly fitting the new chair upholstery.


Toraar’s partners work across residential, commercial and custom chair upholstery, so whatever the project, we can help. Our experts work with your budget and ideas to get your chairs looking stunning and built to last.

chair upholstery
upholstery for chairs

Toraar takes on any chair

Toraar knows furniture through and through, so whatever the chair, we can make it better. Here are some examples of chairs we’ve worked with:

  • Classic dining chair – a matching set makes for stylish dinners with these neat, useful chairs.
  • Antique wing chair – a touch of decadence, a wing chair can be sumptuous or simple; the fabric is up to you.
  • Office chair – work in comfort for better posture. Chat to our team for advice on ergonomics.
  • Plush armchair – At the end of the day, it feels good to relax. Toraar believe comfort is crucial.
  • Modular bar stools – whether you’re opening a bar or sitting up for breakfast, line these tall chairs up for an excellent start.


When should you upholster your chair?

  • When a chair has been lying around because it’s broken or no longer comfortable, reupholstering can save it from the scrap and give you a great new piece of furniture.
  • Sometimes a chair works fine, but its colour or shape doesn’t. A quick reupholster and they could light up the room.
  • Your worn, faded couch is still as comfy as ever, and you just don’t want to say goodbye. Let Toraar restore or update its look, and you needn’t worry.

Why upholster your chair with Toraar?

  • Toraar is a one-stop shop providing advice, upholstery, repairs, cleaning and design.
  • Toraar provides a massive selections of fabrics, legs, stains and styles, so you can customise every aspect of your chair.
  • Toraar’s experts have many years’ experience in repairs, and can bring your favourite chair back to life.