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Toraar furniture upholstery services – choose and cherish

Furniture can be complex in construction, and sometimes a good repair can make a big difference. Toraar’s experts know furniture inside out, and can fix everything from weary springs to broken moving parts. Let’s get moving!

By servicing and maintaining furniture, you can use it, enjoy it and treasure it for longer. Our materials and structural gurus can show you how to refresh and regenerate your furniture. Skip the scrapyard and revive your room!

For a fresh custom upholstery look that really reflects your ideas, ask Toraar’s team about your project. We’ll listen, apply our furniture expertise and ensure you end up with beautiful craftsmanship. It’s your call.

We love to fix your furniture

Our master craftsmen upholster all traditional and modern furniture, and can advise on even the trickiest projects. Ask Toraar’s team about:


Long, short or unusually shaped, we’re on it.


Create a focal point for your beautiful bedroom.


Outdoor furniture

Take your home to the garden with fresh upholstery.


Add a splash of style to your room.



Large or small, make your couch the centre of attention.


Ottomans and storage

Make functional furniture funky with new colours.

Dining chairs

Treat guests to gorgeous seating.


Antique furniture

We restore your antiques with expert care and traditional techniques.


Wing chairs and unusual pieces

No job too curvy. Ask us about bespoke and custom furniture upholstery.

Furniture Upholstery – Toraar’s step-by-step guide

  1. Our experts carefully strip away old materials, removing covers and fillings to leave a clean frame to work on.
  2. They check the frame for damage, repairing and replacing springs, webbing and frame components where needed. This gives a strong base for new upholstery.
  3. They fill in any holes left as a result of removing the old upholstery, before recovering the frame in fresh materials and fabric.
  4. The artisan then replaces the interior of each cushion for shape and comfort.
  5. Finally, your choice of new upholstery fabric is added, and your furniture is delivered to you.

Why choose Toraar for your furniture upholstery?

Toraar works with master craftspeople to design, create and provide excellent upholstery. We want your furniture to remain beautiful and comfortable for a long time.

  • Our frames – Toraar use high-quality materials to create sturdy frames with strong joints.
  • Seat support – We work with the finest springs to create seats with bounce and all-round support.
  • Cushion fillings – We use high-density foam to prevent sagging and loss of cushion shape, and offer a range of materials for full cushion customisation.