Upholstery Company – repairing the furniture you love

upholstery companyThe best upholstery company in Singapore owes a lot to an Italian greyhound. To explain why, you should know that Toraar founder Yun loves her home. It’s a place to express herself. She also loves her dog Giotto. So when Giotto chewed up the cushion of her favourite sofa, Yun didn’t get mad. She got creative.

This was a chance to transform her comfy sofa, not throw it away. But where should she go? There were upholstery companies in Singapore, sure. But Yun wanted one that shared her values, that produced bespoke upholstered furniture with an ethical conscience. So she founded Toraar, a hub to help customers in Singapore find the best upholstery company for the job. We’ve been making things beautiful ever since.

Taking its name from the biblical ‘Torah’, the laws that guide us along, Toraar uses sustainable materials, quality craftsmanship and reputable factories, so that every stage of the journey does good. From custom upholstery for home furniture to large-scale commercial work and reupholstery, and upholstery repair to professional cleaning, every piece we work on gets Yun’s seal of approval.

For exquisite, ethical upholstery design, call +65 9750 0642 and plan your project with Toraar. We can’t promise the results will be greyhound-proof, but we can guarantee you’ll love our work.

Our upholstery partners

Traditional Upholstery

Perfect for antique furniture. Natural fabrics and classic techniques.

Modern Upholstery

Cutting-edge methods and technology. Choose modern upholstery for speed and style.

Bespoke Upholstered Furniture

Want a custom-made sofa to blend with your new home decor? Choose our bespoke service for the perfect fit.

Upholstery Repair

Save that dining room chair. From frames to mechanism, just repair, restore and relax.

Upholstery Cleaning

Bring colour back to your home with our caring cleaning service.